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Posted by Rick Harris on

Farming has been an American tradition, most of the success achieved in this country could not have been possible without the rich farmland and its strong committed farmers. While media may paint farmers as dumb yokels or illiterate rednecks, farmers keep America fat, rich, and happy. And the kind of memory, intelligence, and book-keeping required to run a healthy and profitable farm may not be reflected in a degree or resume, but it is integral to a successful nation.

The rapid departure of folks from cities all across the country was not only an ugly and shameful reflection of racism and some of the worst moments in our history, but a big interruption to the farmland feeding the nation.

Down came green and farmable spaces, up went suburban subdivisions and strip malls. Farms were suddenly seen as an ugly inconvenience. So in the early 1980’swhen right-to-farm communities were growing in number, our founder dedicated his future to ensuring that farms can continue to work and feed the nation, despite the spreading of citizenry.