Family Business

Many families in our community are multi-generational and dedicated to their farm. Physical tasks are divided up and shared like chores, the business may be run by a chosen selection of family members and eventually taught and shared with others, the house and family are a part of the farm rather than just those tending to it.

Industrial, or Factory farms appropriately adhere to different laws that more accurately capture their type of operation. We believe firmly in the importance of family farms rather than factory farms. They are more environmentally responsible, they have a more intimate relationship with the crops and animals grown and maintained within. They are safer, healthier, and cleaner.

They are also less inclined to have a significant legal team or team of legal representatives on retainer to advise and pursue legal action when appropriate. For this reason, we do much of our work on a more fitting pricing scale – some is done pro bono – and we have existing relationships with everyone in the community, so we’re more than just a small storefront full of lawyers.

Many of us grew up farming in the community and a few of us even moved here later in life and became farmers. As such, we have a great respect for this way of life and work hard every day to sustain it!